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4 /04/01 Division: Operations Department: Airport Operations Procedures and Support Services When printed this document is uncontrolled SECTION 8: RAMP SAFETY PROCEDURES Table of Contents. This course offers an introduction to ramp services as well as the ground handling standards and safety requirements you need to know to work safely on the ramp. Table of Contents Authority to Drive Airside Movement area, maneuvering area and apron area Speed limits Right of way Safety Weather conditions Markings 3 4. While the risk of injury or death increases with the size of the aircraft and the intensity of ramp activity, the nature of what occurs on every ramp, at every airport, should make one pause before entering the ramp area. Much like the shoulder area on a highway, the runway safety. GAO on aviation runway and ramp safety, efforts to improve airport ramp safety are hindered by a lack of complete accident and incident data. What can towbarless and electric tugs do to improve ramp safety? SAFETY AND SECURITY ON THE RAMP Tirana International Airport Policy on Safety Safety in aviation is a permanent requirement of utmost importance, thus in the air and on the ground, safety is the first rule. • Investigate literature on ramp safety operations and training. Driver Training Manual TRANSPORTATION REQUIREMENTS: Transportation Network Companies (TNC), which include Uber and Lyft, are allowed to operate at McCarran International Airport and related airport facilities (collectively, the Airport) through a separate operating permit (T NC Operating. Runway Safety Area. 1. Ramp safety is a major safety concern in the aviation industry. You should avoid hitting or damaging airport lighting while performing. The document is intended to assist ramp supervisors in the development or improvement of their organizations’ written SOPs. · The ASG (Airside Safety Group) and the RAMPSG (Ramp Services and Equipment Group) meet up annually, in order to further develop and update the IATA Airport Handling Manual. The airport ramp is a highly complex area, and also saturated with traffic and noise. Safety management of ground handling. Airport Ramp Safety has always been a top priority and has been given much attention in reports and newspapers by a number of airlines and airport authorities. Operating equipment within Airport ramp areas. -Airport Bylaws-Aerodrome Manual and Safety Management Systems (SMS)-CAP642, CAP168-Operational Advice Notices (OAN)-Operational Safety Instructions (OSI) If in doubt about any policies or procedures, contact Airport Operations and remember that all of these regulations, rules and procedures are there for your safety and the safety of others. Airport ramp safety manual

S. Baggage Handling: Ramp. Awareness Training Ramp Safety The national airline of the Maldives 2. Safety Manual Changi Airport Group | PO Box 168, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 918146. Rural airports generally do not have Apron/Ramp lights. Administered by Airport Operations Ramp Area Safety Manual Ramp Area Safety Manual Sign-off * Can request exemption from training module if current company training fulfills training module requirement. Ramp safety 1. The Operators Manual for Human Factors in Airport Operations. Ramp Safety Practices Objective = identify and describe the current state of ground handling practices, focusing on safety measures and training used at U. Safety risks are also of concern to the organisations involved. “Accidents on the ramp can culminate in human injury or even death, and certainly damage to aircraft – which can later manifest itself as problems in flight, so it is a very important topic, and. 2: “Keep. Lufthansa Ramp Handling • Turn around of an aircraft Trailer for a series of training films for Lufthansa Training & Education Center, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Ger. Copies of the Airport Policy Manual will be available from the PIBTPA office and on the Put-In-Bay Airport webpage. 1. In spite of this, damage to aircraft, ground equipment and injury to personnel continue to occur during ramp operations. The basis of a ramp safety system is the assumption that workers will follow the ramp safety. Addresses hazards associated with plane side loading and unloading using manual, semi-automated, and automated baggage systems. Unlike driving on the public roads and highways, on an airport ramp few, if any, navigation aids exist. Like Ramp Inspection Reports, Standard Reports can be entered into the centralised SAFA Database. Airport - Airport Operations Area Driver’s Test. Airport ramp safety manual

Provides safety and health requirements for airfield operations. When light bulbs burn out, you are expected to replace them. Ramp. Charlotte Douglas International Airport, airline employees, service providers, and contractors. · Airport ramp operations: Ground handling and ramp safety procedures by Aviation Business News on Decem Good relations between airlines and ground handlers are crucial for achieving turnaround targets and Alan Dron finds that new technologies are changing some traditional airport ramp procedures. Whether you are new to the industry or a recent recruit, this course provides a solid foundation for further professional development in the field of ground operations. Ramp safety manual pdf Crew, ramp inspection, load and trim check, FDTL etc. The airport's ramp area involves a huge amount of activities and movements from various aircraft, vehicles, equipment and people. Electric and towbarless aircraft tugs represent a shift in airport ramp operations. Welcome to your guide to ramp safety 2 3. Apron/Ramp. APPLICABILITY. Ramp Handling Manual Section 8: Ramp Safety Procedures Page Number Page 1 of 32 Revision / Amendment Number 4. Subject: Airport Operations Area - Driver’s Safety Manual and Test To All Personnel Requesting AOA Driving Privileges: The following manual is a guide for personnel to use when taking the Sawyer Int’l. 6. II. The mixture of aircraft, vehicles, fueling equipment, tugs/carts, and numerous other types of ramp equipment can present a serious safety problem unless specific procedures are followed and enforced. 7. Controllers or nonstandard airport traffic patterns. . The inaugural Gold Award was presented to one of our ramp handling operators, Hong Kong Airport Services Limited, which has reduced work injuries related to manual handling and lifting by over 40%. Administered by Airport Badging Office Ramp Area Safety Manual (Attachment C-3) All personnel working in the ramp area. Airport ramp safety manual

How an airport works Introducing to airports Airport personnel Processing passengers and baggage. Ramp Operational Safety Procedures is a standard operating procedures (SOPs) template that includes industry best practices and guidelines for a wide range of ramp procedures. • Review past ramp safety surveys (ACI) • Conduct surveys/interviews of commercial airports, airlines,. CONSTRUCTION SAFETY AND SECURITY COMPLIANCE MANUAL iii Changes to the Construction Safety and Security Manual 1 J Pg 36, & ii Funds withheld from deposit for non-returned keys 2 J Pg 30-32 Added terminal construction barricades and dust wall requirements 3 J Pg 59-60 Revised “Badge Request Letter”. All the points in this chapter must be followed scrupulously. After PIBTPA approval, one copy of the amendment shall be kept in the PIBTPA office. Airports. DATA SOURCES Research relating to a comprehensive set of ramp safety acci- dent and incident data was difficult to find; indeed, according to a report by the U. General Ramp Safety • Revised text subsection 5. Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) Directline, (June, 1996). Airport operations includes, but is not limited to, ramp operations personnel, baggage and freight handlers, fuelers, deicing operators, and personnel involved in other activities happening on the ramp area, excluding maintenance. Therefore, it is of utmost. 1. This manual is an airport operations-specific follow-up to a similar document published for maintenance. 3. Ramp Handling Manual Chapter 1: Document Control Page Number Page 2 of 44 Revision / Amendment Number 4. In spite of their efforts, and those of air carrier safety departments, damage to aircraft and ground equipment and injury to personnel continue to occur during. Airport Ramp Safety has been given much attention recently in reports and papers by a number of safety organizations. Ramp Safety. · Working in and around aircraft on an airport ramp is clearly hazardous. By doing so, Members States are meeting the requirement of both using the. The concept of creating and fostering a positive safety culture on the ramp is critical with the implementation of the Ramp Safety Standards Program at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Airport ramp safety manual

Respect to operational safety in air transportation, an amendment to our Airport Policy Manual may be issued. Be aware and know the rules of your airport. When you are awarded the maintenance contract, you should have some training on how to perform this task safely. In the past, steps have been taken to improve the level of safety at Schiphol Airport by identifying the strengths and weaknesses in current policies, processes, procedures and activities that have an impact on safety at, and around the airport. IATA Airport Handling Manual and IATA Ground Operations Manual standards COURSE CONTENT Introduction to Airport Ramp Services The world of airport ramp services Understanding the context The airline industry today. Airport–Airport Facility, owned and operated by Waukegan National Airport, including all improvements and equipment existing or to be developed. Ramp workers must be kept at the forefront of safety training to remain adept and deft in their work. The defensive driver does not need lane markings. Airfield Lighting Repair. . The Runway Safety Area (RSA) is an area surrounding the runway, and is measured from the runway ends and centerline. The year-round Airfield and Baggage Hall Safety Campaign aims to enhance the safety awareness of staff working on the ramp and in the baggage hall. Apron or Ramp–a defined area on an airport or heliport intended to accommodate aircraft for the purposes of parking, loading and unloading passengers or cargo, refueling, or maintenance. Safety on the ramp is “a very big deal”, agrees Maurizio Anichini, director of safety and quality assurance at Bangkok Flight Services (BFS). Constant alertness and an absolute awareness of ramp safety rules must be maintained. OSHA eTool. Find all relevant Operational Safety Instruction notices in a downloadable PDF format on this page Mandatory quarantine and testing requirements for passengers travelling to England From 15 February, all arrivals to the UK will be required to quarantine at home, or if you are travelling from a country on the “red list” (sometimes called the. 4 Revision / Amendment Date /04/01 Division: Operations. The Air Safety Procedures Manual has been prepared for use and guidance of. 3. S. Airport ramp safety manual

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