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BUTTSTOCK blemished odds n ends. Stevens model 107 (early short tang 94) buttstock. Gun Details. 01. 167570L. Weihrauch Model HW357. From 26 to 36. 08. More Buying Choices . . 1952 Stevens Model 5100 Double Barrel 12 Gauge Shotgun. Tanfoglio. 95 . Stevens Autsomatic Shotgun Parts, Stevens Pump Shotgun Parts, Stevens Single Barrel Shoptgun Parts, Stevens Shotgun Barrels, Stevens Double Barrel Shotgun Parts, stevens over and Under Parts, Stevens Shotgun Magazines, Stevens Shotgun Springs, Stevens Shotgun Stocks, Stevens. The Gun Trader's Guide says the Stevens 94 single-shot was made fromthe Blue Book says 1929-discontinued. Now, a subsidiary company of Savage Arms, the company still brands shotguns and rifles under the Stevens name. Carlos Hathcock’s Stevens Model 15-A (T. The stampings/markings on this one are: 21 stamped in a small circle on the main frame in the upper right corner on the right hand side. 99 Calibers/ Gauges: 410 Ga. Stevens Model 301 Single Shot Camo With Bead & Red Dot Sight (410 Gauge) If You Pay With Credit Card The Credit Card Company Will Charge You 4% For Using It Just To Let Everyone Know Thanks. 4. Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

SOLD. Stevens 620A, US PROPERTY, Riot Gun 12 gauge Pump Shotgun - 12 GA ,650. 00: 1d 7h 42m. SKU. Smith & Wesson Model 60-15. Firearm is in functional and fair condition.  · I have my dad's old Steven's 94C in 16-gauge (from early to mid 1960's) and I did a lot of research on this very subject. 5380 Springfield 18(12,16,20ga) Sears 101. This Winchester manufactured walnut butt stock and forearm were removed from a pre-64 model 94 lever. . Stevens 20 Gauge Model 320 Security Pump Gun (Review by the G&S Online Staff) Winchester SXP Defender 12 gauge Shotgun. IMI39E-NX6R-00. . Early Variation - Walnut - 16 & 20 Gauge - Original. Stevens Favorite Falling Block Single Shot Rifles:Click Here To See - Close Up Image of Left Side History: The J. 00: 0 5. Harrisburg, PA, US. 00 7. Logan Metesh photo) For the first ten years of production, which were 1937 to 1947, it was billed as the Springfield Model 15. More About this Item. Savage Arms 340/840. About Us. Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

No Reserve. 410 Gauge, Shotgun Parts, Ejector Hook And Firing Pin. 00 1d 12h 40m. Shop online for the best selection and prices of Savage Shotguns at Hinterland Outfitters. ) Came in 12,16, 20,28,. BRAND MOD NO. Click here to view the newest antique gun & ammunition arrivals from Down East Antiques. In 1963, when I was 15 years old and growing up in Lansing, Mich. Search through 3. Buy Winchester Model 12 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. 5. After some investigation the part is for Stevens Model 511 and Model 511 series A shogtuns, not for a 311 H as thought. Riot Gun 12 gauge Pump Shotgun - 12 GA ,650. Krag Model 1898 Loading Gate. It is a 16 gauge with 28 inch barrels. 410 GA 5. This on-line parts catalog represents some of the more popular guns for which we carry parts. Stevens shotguns are available in 12 gauge size as long-barreled sporting guns or short-barreled security and law. Most likely, you have a pre-Model 94. Shop single shot shotguns in 410, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge versions as well as rifles that sport a round 22 barrel. . 00. Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

Lot Savage Stevens 940 Break TopGa Shotgun Parts Trigger Assy And Guard. In this section of we are happy to provide our Customers and Friends with PDF file downloadable original Firearm Manufacturer Gun Manuals. 50 Add to cart Quick View; Remington Model 141 Rear Stock $ 135. Western Arms. During testing, the Stevens 320’s pump action was very smooth and easy to operate. Stevens - 512 Gold Wing 410 Gauge Over/Under/26' Blued Barrel Walnut Stock Shotgun: 410 Gauge: 0. Stevens Model. Sold firearms manufactured under the following models. 22 S/L/LR Excellent Condition. Stevens Arms Co brand name was again used until after WWII, then just the name Stevens was used up until 1990. Stevens Model 940e,. I have a Wards Texas Ranger Model 20 12 gauge single shot shotgun with a 2 3/4 tube. AA Plus Shotgun Stocks. We carry the full line of Savage Shotguns firearms, as well as ammo and gun accessories for your shotgun. Stevens is a brand of pump-action shotgun produced by the Savage Arms Company. 11. At some point in the early 1970's the 16 gauge was dropped, but the other three bores were available until the end. My understanding is that this is a Stevens/Savage 94 model. More Information; Manufacturer: Stevens: Model: 940E: Barrel Length: 26-26. This means the barrel more than likely was 32″ long when it left the factory. Home > Gun Magazines > All Savage Arms / Stevens Gun Magazines. Savage Arms 212 Magazine 12 Gauge 2-Round Magazine. Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

Email or callfor more information! How old is a savage Stevens model 94 k 410 shot gun. SERIAL NUMBER: None DESIGN: Break open action. Stevens Arms Company Model 94 12 Gauge Single-Shot Break-Open copy. Stay away from steel loads! However, we stock parts for many other guns not listed here. 95 . They come in 12, 20 and. Lot 146: Stevens Model 94C 410 GA Shotgun. MODEL 94, SINGLE SHOT, 16 GAUGE SHOTGUN, NO VISIBLE SERIAL NUMBER, C 1929, L 30 BBL:Having a 30 bbl, 2. Savage & Stevens Arms, Collector's History, by Jay Kimmel. Stevens Model 94C 410 GA Shotgun. 00: 0. 00: 0 5. No Reserve. This model featured an external hammer, weighed approximately 6 1/4 Lbs and had the adoring moniker of the “Goose Gun” because of the really long barrel. Smith & Wesson Model 39-2. Come join the discussion about optics, trails, clubs, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more. BUTTSTOCK & forend Fancy odds n ends. 95. Lever Boss Codes: A = 1949 B = 1950 C = 1951 D = 1952 E = 1953 F = 1954 G = 1955 H = 1956 I = 1957 J = 1958 K = 1959 L. Stevens Model 94 12ga Single Shot Shotgun - 12 GA 5. Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

Does have some stock damage that someone has previously attempted to repair. Stevens Gun Stocks, Savage Gun Stocks, Springfield Gun Stocks,Savage Springfield and Stevens Gun Stocks, Stevend Double Barrel Gun Stocks, Stevens Pump shotgun Stocks, Stevens 22 Rifle Stocks, Stevens Single Barrel Shotgun Stocks, Semi Finish Gun Stocks, Compeltely finihshed Shotgun Stocks, Thumbhole Rifle Stocks in Laminated and Walnut. 410 gauges and include a couple of compact models that are great for teaching the kids to shoot.  · On page 7, they show the model 311 SxS and the model 94-C (apparently there's a dash in there). What is the age and value of a Stevens Savage Arms model 94 series P 16 gauge SS. Stevens 940E 410 Ga Single Shot Shotgun Kit. Blemished odds n ends. Stevens HERE IS A NEAT 30 INCH BARREL STEVEN -. 00 Add to cart Quick View; Winchester. They are parts. 95. What I have found out is that you can shoot ANY lead or Bismuth load through these barrels. *Stevens Model 94 12 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun Estates old Stevens 12 gauge shotgun chambered for 2 3/4 shot shells with plastic stock in very nice clean. 27. Here’s their press release: SUFFIELD, Connecticut – J – Stevens by Savage Arms is pleased to offer practical hunters more performance from the trusted single-shot, break-action shotgun platform with the rugged and reliable new Stevens 301. View more details. Stevens Model is 300 The color is camo,. 25. 09. Stevens model 320 shotgun accessories. Savage / Stevens Model 94 107 Locking Bolt Shotgun Gun Parts. Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

Gun and Game Forum Since A forum community dedicated to hunters and enthusiasts. Savage produces long-range and precision rifles and shotguns that are unprecedented in accuracy and capabilities for the price. Stevens MODEL 70 VISIBLE LOADER 1907 EARLY FIRST MODEL.  · Savage bought Stevens in 1920. . 000 manuals online & and download pdf manuals. Stevens Model 940 Single Shot Bare Metal. 00 11d 7h 59m. Wards parts. ! 95 . 95. 95. Model. This Gun Manual section is as complete as we can provide currently with what is available to us through various sources, both on and off of the internet. Misc. 95. Completeness: Condition: Finish: Bare Metal: NOTE: Parts kits are NOT functioning firearms. . 00: 0 ,650. There is also a 10% restocking fee on returned items. Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

03. . The friendliest gun forum on the Internet! Savage /. 38-55 Rifle (Review by Chuck Hawks). Not a bad fix for under . There's also mention of a more cost effective version of the 94, the 9478. Stevens parts. Lowest price in 30 days. 5. And the J. 00: Stevens - 512 Gold Wing 20 Gauge Over/Under/26' Blued Barrel Walnut Stock Shotgun: 20 Gauge: 0. If you cannot find the manual you need please use our online order system or contact us directly at any time by phone during office hours. Five minute installation. 99 . Stevens is owned by Savage, but manuals may not be. . 703 Ithaca. Stevens and Company will celebrate 150 years of making high-quality firearms. 15. 99: 0 . ORIG. Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

Since then, Stevens has come to mean a quality shotgun at an affordable price. 00: Stevens - 512 Gold Wing 28 Gauge Over/Under/26' Blued Barrel Walnut Stock Shotgun: 28 Gauge: 0. S. 410 with full choke bbls. Hampel’s, established in 1919, is the oldest firearms retailer in North America in continuous activity. , my Uncle Jerry had me do a few odd jobs for him, and as payment he presented me with a Stevens Model 94 16-gauge—an old single. Savage is still branding Stevens. 95. In 1864 and purchased by Savage in the 1920s. Western Auto 350M Stevens 94 Western Auto 355 Stevens 947. Shotgun was manufactured prior to the 1968 Gun Control Act, therefore there are no serial numbers. Over/under shotguns and bolt-action rifles are also sold under the Stevens brand name. Savage NRA 19 22LR Magazine. 11. Savage Shotgun Parts, Stevens Shotgun Parts,Springfield Shotgun Parts, Original Obsolete Stevens Shotgun Parts. Find Single Shot rifles and shotguns for sale at. 22. Lawn Mower, Ice Maker user manuals, operating guides & specifications.  · Originally, his shotgun was likely a J. 28. . Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

 · In 1886 the name was changed to J. Savage Arms Model 25 Gun Magazine. Dating of the shotgun was done by online references and barrel stamps. BUTTSTOCK with pad odds n ends. FREE Shipping. Stevens Model 94 12ga Single Shot Shotgun - 12 GA 5. 23. 602 Savage/Stevens model 94, 24, 22-410. ; Blued steel Reproduction Screw holes are 2-5/8 apart on center Fits Savage 94, 94B and many more (see product description). SOLD. 11 (*) Add to Wish List. 5380D Stevens 18ADC Sears 101. Store Hours. Description. As described in an earlier post, the 94-C shown in the catalogue features the checkered pistol grip and fluted forearm stocks, but the 9478 shows the plain stocks, like my brother's gun. Sold: Log in to view. 00 Add to cart Quick View; Winchester ModelRear Stock $ 150. 357 Magnum H. Stevens model 94 k 16 gauge manual

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